Once you are done with the spiritual experience of getting the Sak Yant tattoo inked, the most important question that clicks your mind is "what measures to take for faster healing and better aftercare?" Although the Sak Yant tattoo heals within a week like other tattoos, it also demands specific measures to be followed for better healing. These are:

  Stay away from water: Especially chlorine For at least the first week, it is advised not to swim and stay away from salty water. Thailand's water shelters many pathogens, so better avoid exposing your tattoo to it.

  Avoid sunlight: No Sun burning To protect your new Sak Yant tattoo from fading, it is said to avoid sunlight falling on the part you received the tattoo. The sunlight is responsible for breaking the ink pigment, thus, lightening the tattoo design.

  Do not stretch muscles around the tattoo: To prevent the skin around the tattoo from flaking, avoid stretching the muscles around the tattoo. Any form of yoga or physical exercise should be abstained for at least three days until the tattoo takes the permanent color and shape.

  Use a healing Ointment Use of healing ointment for 2 to 3 times a day for two weeks is highly recommended and is known to give faster relief and enhances the healing process. This also maintains the dark shade of the tattoo and prevents any infection.

As for the aftercare treatment, the most favorable and effective method is the application of medicated healing ointment. Natural ointments prepared from herbs are also available, but they usually can carry a risk of infection. Because of the change in environment, your body is usually prone to the pathogens present in a new country's habitat, and thus, relying on ointments or creams prepared from local herbs might result in inflammatory reactions. Therefore, to avoid any risk, it is better to use the medicated ointment over your tattooed skin. This should be used for at least two weeks to prevent flaking of skin.

 The journey of experiencing the magic powers of the Sak Yant tattoo is overwhelming but choosing hygienic and safe health practices will make this whole extravaganza worth remembering.