EXCLUSIVE Sak Yant VIP service

Receiving a Sak Yant tattoo by Sak Yant master Ajarn Bpom at his Sam Nak with our exclusive service is a special gift of your Thailand visit. Ajarn Bpom is one of the top Sak Yant masters in Thailand, with over 20 years experience. The Sam Nak is about 30 kilometers away from the center of Bangkok. Ajarn Bpom is a kind spirit yet the best at what he does. He loves to know where people that visit come from. Ajarn Bpom smiles from his heart and gives positive blessings.

Ajarn Bpom Sam Nak

Sak Yant tattoo service information.

  1. The service fee and tattoo cost are separate. The total cost will be the service fee plus a tattoo cost. For example, to get a Yant Hah Thaew, the cost is 5,000 THB for the tattoo, plus 5,000 THB the service fee. The total cost is 10,000 THB.

  2. The service fee is for correspondence and bookings as well as transportation and translation if needed.

  3. To confirm your booking, you need to pay 5,000 THB (The service fee) as a deposit.         

    Please note: The deposit is nonrefundable.

Sak Yant Hygiene Standards: 

Master Ajarn Bpom use a copyright  ink, sterile needles and new ink for every tattoo. A rod and tips are made of stainless steel. No one uses actual bamboo sticks or homemade ink due to hygiene and cleanliness standards.  

Sak Yant Package Service:

The service fee will be charged per person. We offer a discount for multiple people who come in a group.  The service charge is 5,000 THB for one person, 8,000 THB for two people and 10,000 THB for three people.         

Design and placement: You can choose the design size and placement. Most Sak Yant tattoos must be above the waist. Some designs can be put below the waist such as tigers, dragons, crocodiles or snakes.

Pick up and drop off: Pick up and drop off will include both airports and any hotel in the center of Bangkok.

Travel Times: The average time for the client’s entire experience is 4 to 6 hours.

Pick up time: Pick up time is around 12pm depending on traffic.

Sak Yant by Monk


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