Important Rules for Receiving a Sak Yant Tattoo Sak Yant tattoos require the receiver to abide by certain rules in order for the magic to work. The Sak Yant rules are different, depending on which Sak Yant tattoo you are receiving. Below, we have outlined the most important Sak Yant rules you need to know. The five precepts are the most important Sak Yant rules that you will need to follow. They reflect the most important aspects of the Buddhist life.

1. You must abstain from the life of living beings.

2. You must abstain from stealing or taking what is not given.

3. You must abstain from sexual misconduct.

4. You must abstain from telling any lies and from harsh speech.

5. You must abstain from intoxicants and harmful substances.

Abstaining from alcohol is the single most important precept because it allows the follower to adhere to the other precepts reliably. Alcohol and drugs both dull the mind and cause one to slip into recklessness.

Now you may be very worried about breaking that intoxication rule. Don't be. The most important aspect of this Sak Yant rule is that you are indeed allowed to drink and even smoke marijuana, but not to the point of intoxication. A small amount for relaxation is perfectly fine.