Sak Yant meaning-Yant Gao Yord or Yant Kroo.

Yant Gao Yord means 9 attributes of the Buddha. Yant means magical Thai tattoo. Gao means 9. Yord means the top or the best. A spell of a Yant Gao Yord is coming from Phra Kaataa Itiphiso spell. Yant Gao Yord or Yant Kroo represents kindness, popularity, avoid danger and harm. In old times before getting any Sak Yant Thai tattoo on the body, first you will be start with a Yant Gao Yord. This is to show respect to a Sak Yant master. Yant Gao Yord is a very high class spell. The traditional spot should be right below the neck on your back. This is the only place you should receive this Gao Yord Tattoo.

Koolraphat Phongphaew