What to use for clean your piercing?

1.  Salt water.

2.  Normal saline.

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What to not use for clean your piercing?

1. Alcohol.

2. Hydrogen peroxide.

3. Antibiotic ointments.

How to take care of your new piercing?

1.  Touching your piercing by clean hand when it needed clean.

2.  Use cotton bud dipped in a salt water and clean around piercing on both sides twice a day.

4.  Avoid using any kind of beauty products such as cosmetics, hairspray, lotion around your piercing.

5.  For the first 4 weeks avoid swimming or use a hot tub. After 4 week and till it healed, before swim cover the piercing by a waterproof bandage.

6.  Do not remove or touching the jewelry.

7.  Do not sleep on the side was pierced.

8.  Lip piercing, use a salt water rinse your mouth daily.

7.  Belly button piercing, Soak your piercing in a salt water then rinse it.

How long does it take for piercings to heal?

Different part of the body is different time to heal. Some part are likely to get infected.

1. Ear lobe piercing take around 2-3 months.

2. Ear cartilage take around 4 months - year.

3. Eyebrow piercing take around 2 months.

4. Tongue piercing take around 3-4 weeks.

5. Tongue webbing piercing take around 8-10 weeks.

6. Lip piercing take around 2-3 months.

7. Nipple piercing take around 3-6 months.

8. Belly button piercing take around 3 months-year.

9. Nostril piercing take around 3-6 months.

10. Septum piercing take around 2-3 months.

11. Rhino piercing take around 6-8 months.

12. Male genitalia take around 4 weeks - 2 months.

13. Female genitalia piercing take around 4 weeks-3 months.