Sak Yant by Master

Ajarn Keng

Thai Tattoo Café offer a Sak Yant tattoo by Ajarn Keng Sak Yant master. If are you looking for a tattoo place to have an amazing experience getting a Sak Yant tattoo while visiting Bangkok. You are now found the right place to getting your Sak Yant done. Ajarn Keng is one of the best tattoo artist of Thailand. He is a Sak Yant master who really care about a high quality of work. You can be sure you are getting a Sak Yant tattoo by the right way with a real Sak Yant master. Sak Yant tattoo done by Ajarn Keng will be done by traditional Thai bamboo hand poke only with a powerful blessing afterward.

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sak yant with blessing
yant gao yord
Yant Yee Sib Gao York
Twin tigers

Western Hygiene standard

We only use a stainless steel stick with sterile disposable tattoo needle.

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