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By Paeng and team

Here at THAI TATTOO CAFÉ we are like family and we welcome you. With over 7 years of experience in Bangkok. We are registered and licensed with Vadhana district department of Thailand. THAI TATTOO CAFÉ is one of the best tattoo and piercing shops in Thailand. Tattoo in Bangkok by traditional Thai hand poke and regular machine. Sak Yant Thai tattoo and all styles tattoo with the top tattoo artists. Sak Yant by monk. Sak Yant by master. Western standard hygiene with license to operate under local health codes.

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Tuesday-Sunday 11am-9pm

Walk in are welcome

Sak Yant by Master

When getting a Sak Yant Thai tattoo from Thai Tattoo Café, you can be sure that you have found the right place here in our studio. Thai Tattoo Café offers the right Sak Yant tattoo designs the right way. Sak Yant tattoo will be done with high respect by Sak Yant master.

sak yant with blessing
Yant Na Mahasamred
yant suea koo
Yant Yee Sib Gao York, Sleeve tattoo, arm tattoo, back tattoo
Sak Yant tattoos
yant hah thew
yant paed tidt

Tattoo by Thai hand poke

Traditional Thai hand poke or bamboo style in another name. We prefer to call Thai hand poke as no one use bamboo stick anymore. The hand poke stick made of stainless steel. They're some tattoo styles that can be done by traditional Thai hand poke such as Line work tattoo, Dot work tattoo, Tribal tattoo, Mandala tattoo, Maori tattoo. You are now in Thailand so why not try these kind of tattoo styles before leaving the country. Another amazing experience for your Thailand adventures.

bamboo tattoo
tattoo all styles
hand poke tattoos
elephant tattoo

Tattoo by machine

Another option is if you love the meaning of Sak Yant tattoo but don't want to get a Sak Yant tattoo via Thai hand poke. There is another option for you by getting the right Sak Yant tattoo designs performed with our machine tattoo artist. Don't worry you will get the correct design. All Sak Yant designs we offer are correct and our tattoo artist been trained by our in house Sak Yant master.

We offer all styles tattoo with regular machine by Yean our machine tattoo artist. We have books of tattoo designs available also drawings created by Yean. We also do a custom designs or you can bring your design, cover up tattoo, old school tattoo, We are happy to do it all.

Yean tattoo artist
Best Bangkok Tattoo artist
old school tattoo
archangel tattoos
owl tattoos
realistic tattoos
water colour tattoos

Piercing by Bint-Bigboy

Our piercer Bint is one of the best piercer in Bangkok. THAI TATTOO CAFÉ is the safest piercing place to get your piercings done. We offer piercing by professional piercer with medical quality jewellery with western hygiene standards.

Bangkok best piercing
piercing in Bangkok
ear piercing
ears piercings
navel piercing