How to take care of your new tattoo?

Don't forget to wash your hand before touching your new tattoo. For the first few day,  your tattoo and skin around will may burn, sore or red that is normal. After a few days, you skin will be itchy.

1. Keep the bandage for a night. If it starts to come off it's ok.

2 .Afterwards you can removed the bandage. Clean your tattoo by warm water without soap.

3. Pat your tattoo and skin around with a clean soft tissue or cloth.

4. Apply small amount of tattoo aftercare cream or lotion twice a day.

5. Avoid soap, sunlight, swimming and hard work out for a couple of weeks.

6. Wear a light clothing to cover your tattoo when you go outside.

7. Do not scratch or pick at the healing process.

8. After your tattoo healed. You should keep your skin clean and moisturized. Avoid scratchy, wool can damage your tattoo.

Why a tattoo become infected?

1. Contaminated ink. Be sure you choose a tattoo shop that meet health and safety standards.

2. Unsterile equipments and water used to clean the instruments.

3. You are not follow the aftercare instruction.

4. Staph infection.

5. Blood poisoning.

6. Skin allergic reactions.

7. Bloodborne diseases.

How do you know your tattoo is infected?

1. After week your tattoo still swelling.

2. Sore, white or yellow fluid.

3. You have a high fever over 102° F.

4. Muscle aches affecting the whole body.

If you think your tattoo might be infected, first you need to seek medical attention. There are some of anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory cream available. If your tattoo infection is more serious then proceed to go see a doctor.